Friday, 22 July 2011

Every child should study...

Today i met a child of age 14.
He approached me for doing labor work at my home.
I simply asked him till which class you have studied he said 6th.
I asked don't you want to study more, he said yes i want to but i want to earn money.
Then, i asked him about his father he said he is a farmer.
I asked  - your father wants you to study more, he was silent. his silence told me everything.
Whats wrong with these villagers. they just give birth to babies thinking they will get one more earning hand in their family.

I finally asked him do you want to study, he again said yes.
so i have decided to teach him and keep that kid at my home.
where he will go to school from morning 7 - 12 for studies and later learn some work too.

I don't know its right or wrong but i want every child should study to face this cruel world.
I am waiting for his reply. hopefully he will come back to me soon..
Fingers crossed

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